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Rosa Mª Macarro Carballar

She manages a consulting company with her partner Alfonso Borrego.
Coaching is their main business, they are focused on personal and group coaching, even educational or coaching for companies managers.

In her view investigation, communication and meeting each otherare the aims of a constant learning that is going to permitted people to develop their own skills.

Her professional career has been developed on the Educational area but she has also a complimentary studies and experiences in other areas that allowes her to work with interdisciplinary teams.
She begun working as teacher with children and has an extended experience in this business but now a day she works on teaching formative influence. Her main customers are families, teachers, staff management, and social organizations.
Of humanistic training influenced by the constructivist psychology leading to the sociocultural approach. She has always been interested on evolutionary, dynamic and systemic processes. This fact makes her analyze and study others theories including the one designed by Hall-Tonna in relation to the Values. Now a day she is proud of belonging to the VT group.


» Degree in Psychology/Pedagogy, Seville University

» Degree Teaching, Seville University.

» Master in Drug Addiction Intervention, Madrid Complutense University

» Postgraduate Diploma Specialist in Educational Evaluation, Centro de Altos Estudios Universitarios de la Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos (OEI)

» Leisure teacher, Escuela de tiempo libre y animación sociocultural “don Bosco”.

Main organizations that have worked:

» Secondary Teacher in Colegio Santa Clara de Cazalla de la Sierra- Sevilla (1999-2001)

» Technical specialist in education and prevention, Panacea SCA, cooperative “social interest” (2000-2004)

» Technical Advisor for the coordination of interventions in schools, Municipal Plan Drug Addiction, Sevilla City Council (2004-2007)

» Since 2000 work for Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción (FAD) as a trainer and as a technical advisor in the design, implementation and evaluation of Values Education, Prevention and Education for Development projects

» In 2006 she founded “ RD3 asesoramiento e innovación educativa S.L.N.E.”, in which she is the firm´s associate and the managing partner who has executed projects of: continuing education, design, implementation and evaluation socio-educational programs, psychotherapeutic counseling, activities to suport human resources departaments for small and medium enterprise.

» Has been an intern at Sevilla University in the Department of Experimental and social sciences has also collaborated with the Department of Psychology and Education.

» She has also worked as a monitor of free time in various youth organizations as the Asociación Eirené and the Federación andaluza El Patio (1992-2002) and collaborates with many social organizations, most prominently APICE (since its founding in 1999).

Important projects in which she has participated:

» Investigation in “Educación de las mujeres: nuevas perspectivas”. Seville University (2001)

» Teaching guide and educational program “Alcohol, tabaco y juventud”. Seville City Council (2002)

» “En Familia: Claves para prevenir problemas de drogas”. Teaching materials and training program for parents. FAD (2005))

» “La Educación para el Desarrollo en la escuela”. Program for the development of prosocial values, with online training for education professionals. FAD and Government of Andalucía and Government of Cantabria (2009-2011)

» Investigation about Development Education in Andalusia, 2nd stage: the CAONGD organizations (2006-2008). CAONGD (2011)

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