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Jack Heynen, M.S.W; R.S.W

President, Institute of Creative Management

Jack is the founder and principal instructor of the Institute of Creative Management. His coaching and consulting practice enables individuals and teams to communicate effectively by integrating behavioral and value styles for innovative results.

He is adept at tapping into the resourcefulness of all team members, bringing diversity and conflict situations into new alignments for achieving pre-determined outcomes. His specialized experience in applying the D.i.S.C behavioral-style instrument together with strategic value-based leadership is sought after by numerous repeat clients in the field of Oil and Gas, transportation, city administrations and by First Nations.

Jack’s expertise is rooted in a diversity of formal education and professional experiences. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, a Bachelor of Divinity Degree in theology and a Master Degree in Social Welfare. Following his formal education, he pursued a specialization in Human Social Functioning, a counselor/coaching training process by the late Professor Eugene Heimler, survivor of the Holocaust.

Jack’s work has also taken him to work extensively with First Nations, who sought his expertise for departmental improvements in communications, teambuilding, attitude improvements, conflict-resolution, and time and stress management.

Over the past thirty years, Jack has taught numerous courses for educational institutions, including the University of Calgary’s Department of Continuing Education, Mount Royal College, and Red Crow College as adjunct professor and instructor.

Jack’s specialization with the application of Values Technology is to assist companies in their development of corporate social responsibility in pursuit of sustainability of resource management and the wise use of ecological commerce. In this role, Jack is also a strategic partner with BDLS, a consortium of specialists dedicated to provide a variety of support services to establish business opportunities for companies in North America, Latin and South America locations.

Jack’s not-for-profit activities have involved him in providing support to the Corporate Executive Service Organization (C.E.S.O) as President and Board Member at the local organizational level. He furthermore assists seniors to provide support in their transition from home to institutional settings. Leisure times can see Jack flying radio-controlled helicopters, playing the links and out camping with an occasional fishing experience to brag about. Jack enjoys his various roles as husband, father and grandfather that calls for fitness, patience and a sense of humor. He and his wife live in Calgary, Alberta.

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