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Karen Frykholm

Family Firm Consultants
Leader & Organizational development
Family Business Development

Karen draws upon a 30-year background in human development and family studies, family therapy, and education to serve families in business and in wealth management, and families of professional/public servants. From her lifelong experiences as a family member of community leaders, she holds a special interest in the developmental dynamics for those who live and work in closely-interfaced family and organizational systems, via their close ties to executive members-in-common.

Her work also applies more broadly to human development for individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations of any size, sector, or purpose.

Successful family business leaders widely hold that a shared commitment to a minimal set of values is key to building family harmony and business prosperity. When people become clear about how their personal values and vision are well-served by their connection to the group, there is often an increased commitment to its mission.

Karen guides her clients in discerning personal and shared values, and in operating congruently with their values. Karen helps her clients communicate well, grow their intangible assets, and use their technical advisors more effectively. She consults with them to map their future. Her work includes:

» Resolution of family or interpersonal issues that interfere with decision-making and development of assets (communication, conflict resolution, etc.)
» Development of a shared, values-congruent vision and mission
» Mentoring development & leadership with individuals, families, teams & organizations
» Governance and human process skills training
» Facilitating family meetings and family councils for executive families.

Using both Saga AND Data, Karen integrates clients’ stories with the science of the Values Technology measure of both conscious and hidden values. Past, present, and future values are presented in a lifespan development perspective. Karen assists clients in forming vision and mission, in documenting ethical wills (a legacy document of lessons, purpose, and meaning for future generations), in planning succession/exit and hiring, and in guiding cultural alignment within and between families and organizations.

Karen resides in central Massachusetts and is available via technology or travel.

Professional Degrees

» Ph.D. Human Development & Family Studies, University of Connecticut
» M.A. Marriage & Family Therapy Ph.D. (HDFS/Clinical), University of Connecticut
» M.A. Education/Music, University of Minnesota

Professional Associations

» Values Technology, Inc., Certified Consultant
» Family Firm Institute, Member
» American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy, Clinical Member

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