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Values are qualities of excellence undergirded by habits and skills. They are ideals that give meaning to our lives through priorities we choose, and that connect us with the greater whole.

Relationships across individuals, groups and organizations are increasingly complex and important to manage.

» The challenges in this modern climate are:
» Developing leadership for a diverse organization
» Creating a global organization with uniform values
» Establishing productive relationships with vendors, associates and channel partners across the world
» Building superior cross cultural teams
» Extracting the best out of employees working across the globe
» Values underpin all our behavior & relationships.

"Potential capability increases when the values that underpin the corporate vision are shared by all the stakeholders in the organization."

Tom Carter, Retired Senior VP of Quality Education, ALCOA
Values Technology, Inc. has evolved unique and dependable tools that have been thoroughly validated through a consortium of universities in the US, Asia and Europe.

ValuesID is the only multilingual and multicultural tool that has been statistically validated. ValuesID and its related processes have been web enabled and can easily be deployed using the internet.
Values Technology, Inc. is expert in values and values deployment and its effect on organizational development and corporate culture.

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