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Alfonso Borrego

He manages a consulting company with his partner Rosa Macarro,
For counseling and the personal,
Family and group coaching,
The educational and executive coaching.

Motivated by the search for meaning to authentic human development, Alfonso has spent his professional career by complementing his initial medical training and experience with others in the areas of Psychology and Education. Beyond Health, or just to recognize that true health goes far beyond the little that was taught in Medical School.

After an intense experience in Psychiatry and Addictions Psychotherapy, his passion for the Family (married and with 2 children) and the educational development of young people led him to work and specialize in training and psycho-educational interventions in related areas, linked for many years in non-profit social organizations.

After a Humanistic-existential training, his interest in Axiology and Values found a conceptual framework highlighted when at the end of the 90 met the Hall-Tonna methodology. And today he is proud of belonging to the VT group of collaborators around the world.


» Degree in Medicine at the Seville University. Certified to the practice of General Medical and Psychiatry.

» Master in Addiction Treatment, and University Expert in Drug Addiction Prevention. Seville University.

» Postgraduate Diploma in Child Mental Health.

» Accredited psychotherapist in Drug Addiction (1991). With international certification as a Abuse Substance Counselor by the WFTC -World Federation of Therapeutic Communities (1998)

» Higher Diploma in Business Management in the Social Economy (2003).

Main organizations he has worked for:

» Specialist in Psychiatry for the Andalusian Health Service (1986-1989)

» Promoter, Psychotherapist and Technical Director at Foundation "Centro Español de Solidaridad de Sevilla - Proyecto Hombre” (1990-1998)

» Professor of Humanistic Psychology and Existential Psychotherapy at National School Therapists "Proyecto Hombre" (1993-1998)

» Founder member and Managing Director of Panacea SCA, cooperative "social interest" specializing in training and advisory services for social and health interventions (1999-2004)

» Since 2003, in Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción (FAD): Coordinator for Educational Programs in Andalusia. National Coordinator for Development Education Programs.

» He was Assistant Professor at the University of Seville: Degrees of Medicine, Psychology and Pedagogy, Master Addiction Treatment and Relationship Therapy Master. At the University Pablo de Olavide: Postgraduate Specialist in prevention of psychosocial risks in adolescents and young adults.

» He has given over 2000 hours of training in other courses, lectures and seminars for academics and professionals (health or social intervention) and social mediators.

Important projects in which he has participated:

» Program approach to HIV / AIDS in drug-dependent population. CES Sevilla Foundation and Government of Andalusia (1994-1998)

» RAIL, Social and occupational integration program for drug addicts. Employment-Horizon Initiative of the European Union (1995-1997)

» Teaching guide and educational program "Alcohol, tabaco y juventud". Seville City Council (2002)

» Program "Prevenir para vivir." Pilot study for implementation in Andalusia. FAD and Government of Andalusia (2003)

» Drug Addiction Prevention Program in the educational environment. Seville City Council and FAD (2004-2009)

» “En Familia: Keys to preventing drug problems”. Teaching materials and training program for parents. FAD (2005)

» Selectively prevention program and methodological guide "Families and drug problems. Proposals for a change". FAD (2008)

» "The Development Education in Schools". Program for the development of prosocial values, with online training for education professionals. FAD and the Government of Andalusia and Government of Cantabrian (2009-2011)

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