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Itziar Elexpuru, Director

Institute of Educational Sciences

Hezkuntza Zientzien Institutua

University of Deusto

Itziar Elexpuru has a B.A in educational science and a B.A and PhD in psychology. She is currently a lecturer specialising in values development at the University of Deusto and is the director of the Institute of Educational Sciences.

She has collaborated with Brian Hall and his team since 1989 and has written articles on the Hall-Tonna values theory and methodology and applied it to various contexts, mainly education, but also to drug rehabilitation and to organisations that promote innovation.

Examples of these are:

» A document analysis of the Spanish Education Law of 1990 which resulted in her book, “Los Valores en La L.O.G.S.E” (1993)
» Research in the assessment of values in secondary education (2000) and the development of values in educational institutions published in “Desarrollo de los valores en las instituciones educativas” (2002)
» A longitudinal analysis between 2001-2005 of the values of students at the University of Deusto (2007)
» The direction of several PhD theses on values development
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