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Paul J. Giroux and Associates

Values Transformation

Paul Giroux is a preferred partner and an accredited trainer with Values Technology. He has been associated with Values Technology for over 12 years. He has used this technology within organizations and within his own consulting practice.

For 20 years he has worked as a senior career transition consultant with two large international human resource consulting organizations namely, Minstream Access and Right Management Consultants. His clients have been from many of Canada’s major corporations such as GM, CIBC, Sunlife Clarica, Nortel, IBM, CN, SJRH Hospital, Imperial Oil to name a few. Using Values Technology he has designed programs, processes and facilitated accreditation workshops. Also, he has worked in career transition centres in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Detroit, Chicago and Phoenix.

Paul has a degree in Commerce and Finance/Psychology from St. Michael’s University, Toronto, a Degree in Theology and five years experience on a post graduate faculty. In the non-for-profit sector he was a Past President and Board Member of St. Jude’s Community Homes, a permanent housing community for independent living for people with mental illness. Paul lives near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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