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Alfonso Benito Fraile

Accredited Values Coach

Alfonso Benito has graduated in Humanities with a Masters in Executive Develpment and Leadership, both by the University of Deusto, San Sebastian, Spain. Through his studies he has conceptualized the organization as a community of people that share a mision that proposes to satisfy different aspirations: personal, labor, profesional and transcendental. He considers that the human being’s search in one way or another for their personal development and the organization is a way and an opportunity to that development.

From that perspective the values and the Hall-Tonna model takes a special importance since they are key to human development: personal and organizational.
A great part of his search has been focused in aspects related to Social Responsability, Organizational Culture and Leadership from the point of view of the values as the driving forces of its develpment. Since the year 2000 he has deepened his knowledge of the Hall-Tonna model.

He has been professor of courses related to the Corporate Social Responsability with emphasis on the development of the abilities of personal development and ethics in different universities of Monterrey (México). Nowadays, he is the manager of the Development and Competences Evaluation at Universidad Tec Milenio.
He is founder and director of Mayeutical ( in Monterrey (Mexico), a business dedicated to executive and organizational coaching focused in the development of individual and organizational values, supported by the Values Technology methodology.
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